Culture of Whyteness: The Bundle by Weeze Doran
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Culture of Whyteness: The Bundle

A 4 part workshop series
Enrollment is closed

Let's unpack Whyteness shall we?

Part 1: Racial Constructs and The Culture of Whyteness 

Understand how race was constructed and why it was created. Learn the who, what, why of  how today's socio-political-economic structures were created to support harmful racial constructs.

Part 2: What is whyte identity and internalized Whyteness?

We'll cover Whyteness as a concept. You'll learn exactly how your privilege and blindspots work, and how Whyteness lives inside all of us.  

Part 3: Frameworks of Oppression

Unpack the 4 "I"s of Oppression.This will begin to give you an understanding of how deeply ingrained whyte supremacist ideology is and how we have gotten here!

Part 4: Authentic Accompliceship

Learn how your social position (as determined by your social identity) influences the way you show up in the world.  What does it mean to be an authentic accomplice to those who experience the harm of racism? Learn how to you use your privilege to dismantle systems of power, domination, and whyte supremacy!

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