The Culture of Whyteness: 4-part Lecture Series by Weeze Doran

The Culture of Whyteness: 4-part Lecture Series

Designed to be an introduction to the origin of racial constructs, the culture of Whyteness, internalized Whyteness, frameworks of oppression, and learning exactly how to show up as an authentic accomplice/advocate for self and others.

What's included?

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Housekeeping Notes
Housekeeping Notes
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Part One: Racial Constructs
Lecture Video: Racial Constructs
(1h 08m 08s)
Part Two: Whyteness & Internalization
Lecture Video: Whyteness and Internalization
59 mins
Part Three: Frameworks of Oppression
Lecture Video: Frameworks of Oppression
(1h 12m 17s)
Part Four: Authentic Accompliceship
Lecture: Video Authentic Accompliceship
(1h 14m 14s)